2014-05-12: Veterans of the Berlin Airlift

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2014-05-12: Veterans of the Berlin Airlift
2014-05-12: Veterans of the Berlin Airlift


Der Besuch der amerikanischen und britischen Veteranen, ihrer begleitenden Angehörigen war ein eindrucksvoller Moment voller Erinnerungen und Gefühle. Das Programm mit zahlreichen Highlights vom Freitag, den 9. bis Dienstag den 13.05. wurde getragen von zahlreichen Einzelpersonen, Einrichtungen und Organisationen und wird bei allen in Erinnerung bleiben. Die zahlreichen Links auf aktuelle Berichterstattung der Berliner Presse, aber auch links privater Personen und von AFN Europe (hier klicken) zeigen das große Interesse weltweit.


The visit of the American and British Veterans and their accompanying parties was an impressive moment full of memories and feelings. The program with countless highlights from Friday, September 9th to Tuesday, September 13 was created by numerous individuals, institutions and organizations – it will stay in our memory for long. Some links of Berlin news agencies and also links to private posts as well as of AFN Europe show the immense interest worldwide.

https://www.rbb-online.de/suche/index.html (search: Luftbrücke)
Berliner Morgenpost

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  1. As a former fellow at the American Academy in Berlin,
    I am completing a history of the Wannsee villa at Am Sandwerder 17-19. It will be published by the Academy –which has occupied over the last 20 years what was for five decades after World War II an officers club, hotel, or recreation center for US military personnel.
    Would you happen to have any photos or diary entries
    about servicemen.women who were at the Villa or the neighboring Yacht Club? Much is absent from the archives of the Villa itself regarding experiences at/of the Villa in the 1950s-1980s..

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