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You would like to get the picture what happened through the last years at BERLIN-PATROL? For technical reasons we have sorted images and videos in a separate library. Please click at „BERLIN-PATROL IMAGES“ in the right column of the page.

Immer in Kontakt +++ always in contact

The project BERLIN-PATROL has created countless contacts among people within Berlin, from different places in Germany, from Europe and even the United States. Just some days ago one of the members by the callname of „Frenchman“, who also is member of the Club West Alliierte in Berlin e.V. visited Col. (ret) Gail S. Halvorsen in Arizona. They had met during our annual Patrol in Berlin in 2013 and the opening ceremony for the Gail S. Halvorsen Schule. Frenchman had been a Liaison Officer for the BERLIN-PATROL since its beginning in 2011.

The two pilots had a special deed for their meeting apart from reviving their friendship: Col. Halvorsen, who became „The Berlin Chocolate Pilot“ during the Berlin Air-Lift (1948-49) and later was commanding officer of Tempelhof Airfield had agreed to support the German Pilot Federation’s application to hold the world meeting in Berlin in 2019. They produced a video message and some additional footage on Halvorson’s experiences in Berlin. We will be posting additional information as the material will be approved for publication.